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Muscatine County: Communities


The name of the city, Muscatine, came from the Mascoutin Indians, a war-like tribe, who had been driven westward across the Mississippi and settled on a large sandy bottomland encircled by a slough just south of the present site of the Muscatine. That name replaced the town’s original name of Bloomington because there were just too many towns and cities with that name to make postal delivery reliable. [more]


Fruitland, IA 52749 is a farmland community within the county of Muscatine. Its geographical location rests at 41.356N latitude and -91.129W longitude. This community as of the year 2000 had a population of 703, and in 2004 a population of 873 an increase of 24.2% making it a smaller, slower growing, and humble community within Muscatine County. [more]


Wilton, IA (52778) is a local Muscatine County metro community located at the geographical positioning of 41.588N latitude, and -91.016W longitude. Wilton is conveniently located near Interstate 80 and has junctions for highways 927 and 38. Thus making Wilton a centrally located community near these major highways makes travel time to and from surrounding communities such as Muscatine, The Quad Cities and Iowa City a pleasant short 30 min or less trip. [more]

West Liberty

West Liberty, IA (52776) is a friendly and beautiful metropolitan town of Muscatine, within Muscatine County. It claims to offer large town amenities while maintaining small town quaintness. West Liberty Geographical location lies at a 41.57N latitude and a -91.263W longitude. This location is a prime central location for travelers and for people, who want to live in areas where a rural life has not become to urbanized, yet still desire to live within close range to urbanized communities. [more]


Wapello, IA is an urbanized farmland community within Louisa County just outside of Muscatine. Wapello’s geographic location rest at 41.181 N Latitude and a -91.185 W longitude. The land and soil in this area are a little bit different from other surrounding areas. The soil is a loamy clay sand and silt mixture that makes land very good for cultivation and Real Estate developments. [more]

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